At age 14, I was introduced to the exquisite world of aviation and started taking theory lessons for a private pilot’s license. A few examinations and many practical sessions later, I had obtained the wonderful privilege of holding a PPL. It is safe to say that this hobby is one of the things I love doing most of all: the excitement of flying as free as a bird while operating a high-tech engineering feat, paired with the occasional smooth crosswind landing, or simply having fun with friends and family, is unparalleled.

For obvious reasons, sunset is my favorite time of the day to be up in the sky.
A cross-country training flight that presented to us a surreal view.

If you are aspiring to experience the same sense of joy and achievement, I would say by all means go for it. Contrary to what some might believe, the financial impact is definitely manageable for most people as long as you save up some funds beforehand.